Successfully Working From Home

The short course is ideal for anyone who works from home and would like some guidance and support regarding how they can do this more successfully. We will highlight the importance of the working environment, having self-care routines, connecting with others, connecting with nature and how to healthily unwind at the end of the day.

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 The Importance of Self-Care When Supporting Others

This workshop is for people who are currently caring for someone else in their life. This includes parents of babies and toddlers, people supporting people with illness’s, people supporting people with mental ill health and people who are looking after elderly relatives.

It is vital for carers of people with any condition to ensure that they schedule in time for them to recharge their energy levels so they can protect their mental health, and also ensure they provide the very best care possible to the ones they are looking after.

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Developing Resilience in Your Children

This workshop has been designed to offer support and guidance for parents who want to help their children develop their resilience. Parents will be introduced the 7c’s of connection, coping, contribution, control, character, confidence and competence, which when developed holistically, contribute to positive changes in their children’s behaviours and attitudes towards life.

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Mental Health Youth England1/2 Day Awareness

This course certificates delegates to ‘Aware’ status and provides them with an abridged version of the two-day full course. This course is perfect for people who just want to increase their knowledge and understanding of mental health and mental illness. The course covers some of the common mental health issues affecting young people, including depression, anxiety, eating disorders and psychosis. 

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Lecture on Religion

MHFA England Adult First Aid Course

This Two day course is for organisations

seeking to develop their people's understanding of mental health.

It will provide them with knowledge regarding risks factors, signs & symptoms, mental illness's, self-care and how to support people experiencing mental ill health through supportive non-judgemental listening.

It can be delivered online or via face to face.


Mental Health Youth First Aid England Two Day Course

This is the fully accredited First Aid course and it equips attendees with this in-depth syllabus.​ Topics include:

  • Practical skills to spot the triggers and signs of mental health issues

  • Confidence to reassure and support a young person in distress

  • Enhanced interpersonal skills such as non-judgemental listening